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About Us

We offer digital services to enable tech for commons

Techfiz Inc is a Bengaluru based Startup offering language digitization services to enable common man to step-up in digital era. We are building our digital publishing solution stack and we offer end-to-end services for authors, publishers and institutions to easily build ebooks, print-ready publications etc. 


Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Build language solutions & services to digitally empower everyone.

We keep hearing complaints about the tools and services not working for language technology. The most affected is the one who tries to adopt the technology for the living from all different streams. This does not exclude the institutions, governments etc as their own staff find it hard to co-ordinate the energies to offer the services in local languages. FOSS tools make it easier to provide hacks to offer quick solutions. But that is just not enough. We realized the need for someone who can continue to demonstrate the possibilities and help through direct IT Services. In the current phase, we are strongly concentrating on Digital Publication Domain. 

Our Mantra is – Anybody Can Write, Publish and Print! 


Join Today

We are building our team and there is an opportunity to build open solutions to help India gain the momentum in the digital transformation race. If you’re a FOSS enthusiast, If you like to work on solutions that matters to your people at grass root levels drop us an note today.